AtmosFEARfx - Frightfully Entertaining Digital Decorations

UnLiving Portraits

Create your own ghoulish gallery with this collection of spooky animated portraits. Your guests will be captivated by our trio of hauntingly beautiful digital paintings, featuring a family of vintage characters that spring to life…and death. Whether you choose to display them on your television or project them directly onto your wall, these spine-tingling works of art are guaranteed to transform any environment into a delightfully creepy Halloween experience.

Withering Heights

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” takes on a new wrinkle—these portraits don’t age gracefully…

Eyes On You

Don’t take your eyes off of these eerie portraits. Death-assured they won’t take their eyes off of you.

Living Nightmare

Dare to stare at these fiendish faces and you’ll experience a blood-curdling, heart-stopping fright.

Family Feud

Flooded with emotion, this freakish family breaks the bonds of their portraits. Like they always say, blood is thicker than water…