AtmosFEARfx - Frightfully Entertaining Digital Decorations

Tricks and Treats

Delight your young visitors with Tricks and Treats, our collection of spooky, family-friendly digital effects. Featuring classic monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolf Man, this charming digital decoration is the perfect way to introduce the magic of the silver screen to a brand-new generation of trick-or-treaters.

Bats and Brooms

Dracula startles a group of trick-or-treaters, but when he won’t give them candy, things go batty.

Treat Thief

A group of candy-seeking trick-or-treaters discover that Frankenstein has a sweet tooth, too.

Werewolf Surprise

A wolf man sneaks up on a group of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, but little does he know that they have a surprise of their own.

He's Alive!

Frankenstein jolts to life in his creator’s laboratory, snapping his restraints and staggering toward freedom.

Howl at the Moon

A man undergoes an unexpected transformation from human to werewolf.

Going Batty

Count Dracula transforms into a spooky bat and flies off in search of his nightly snack.