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Ghostly Apparitions

Transform any environment into a haunted house with this ghoulish gathering of spooky spectres! Ghostly Apparitions allows you to create the ultimate ghost hunting experience by providing a collection of restless spirits that are simply dying to inhabit your home.

Head of the House

The grim ghost of a stern and stoic gentleman has a habit of losing his head…literally.

Beckoning Beauty

A ghostly bride-to-be searches for her groom but something ghastly is revealed beneath her skin-deep beauty.

Ghoulish Girl

A disturbed girl seeks a new playmate… or her next victim.

Wrathful Wraith

An infernal spirit roams the afterlife, unleashing its rage in the form of a fiery blaze.

Startling Specter

Beware a startling shock as four specters burst out of their paranormal plane.